My Fellow Savior

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The Mind, The ego, and the Savior.

The entire universe joyously anticipates the dawn of the world’s Savior, and that Savior is YOU. You have nothing to give up to be what you are, so come now, wake up and discover how the power within you heals everything: yourself & ultimately the world.  

You have all the tools within you to make measurable powerful changes within your life.

This book is not about religion or dogma, but about the power of mind to manifest healing where needed with your loving intention, it is about the ego’s betrayal and the final awakening of the Savior in you.

Author Rev. Carol Sue Rios    Published December 2015

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The Power is In You and you Know it.

Time to Wake UP!
It is time to Wake up my powerful Saviors of the world. The world is waiting for you to wake up and save the day. There are a lot of things that are out of balance in our lives that we can make right and heal.  You may not know the power is in you consciously, but you are aware of it in your heart. You know there is an imbalance because it is reflected in what you see in the world. That imbalance is within us.

We must wake up fully to our powerful mind, our True mind and not allow the BS (belief systems) of our world indoctrination, subliminal and/or direct programming. We’ve had everything in the world thrown at us from negative upbringing, marketers to fear mongering politics. This has taken away our initiative in order to blind us and weaken us and use us to further more defeating destructive causes. One minute we’re pulled in one direction then to the opposite with thoughts and beliefs that seem incongruent with what we really want. That kind of energy has been tearing us apart from the beginning.

We are no longer to be used as a slaves to addictions and dumbed down and numbed down sleeping saviors, kowtowing to the shadow makers. How were we used? Through fear. The shadows of evil begin if there is such a thing, begin with fear. Never-the-less, fear saps our strength preventing us from being whom we really are. Any negative energy Steals our initiative and causes us to make wrong choices. Fear; We may have lived with it , lived as it and even caused some of it, but we were tricked into it and not in our right mind at the time.

So, you can relax in the knowledge it is time to wake up, be joyous, be happy, sing, dance, laugh a lot, be creative and bring light to all the dark places in you, around you, through you, and near you. Begin with your own life, begin where you live in order to make a new world of peace, forgiveness, love and joy. Forgive any illness, dis-ease, and vibrate with a song of joy that fills your cells with happiness and healing. No matter how corny that may sound, there is something to raising your spirits and raising up your life. There is a new energy, a new light beaming into this part of the Universe and even though the Scientists call it the photon belt, photons are particles of light that we are now made up of. You are supported now by a light and a consciousness so incredible and so deep from inside you, and that light is radiating outward to the world, so get to know it and focus on it and watch it grow.

You will cause to rise up by your awakening and healing, all those energetically connected to you, in the tens of thousands, maybe more, to the higher echelons of enlightened experience. So, it is imperative that you wake up. Without you there is no new world, no healed world nor awakened world. You are an important link in the chain. We need you. You never heal alone, that is why you are the Savior. You will take all those connected to you and save them with yourself, they in turn heal others and so on. All you have to do is wake up. I thank you in advance.


If the path I am on is not bringing me peace, power and joy, then it is obviously not working for me. There must be a better way. I am obviously not seeing this situation in a correct light, or I am projecting my own issues out on the world I see. Either way, I need help to change my perceptions of what I do see.

How do I do this?

First – I do not need to try and turn away from the perception, but rather step back and allow it to present itself so I can look at it objectively. Step back behind my eyes to a place where I can become an observer, detached emotionally long enough to allow for the right mindedness to appear, which can come in the form of a feeling of calm.

This calm is how the right mindedness looks at any situation. Science tells us that the observer alters the outcome simply by observing (for instance) atoms and their actions, will be altered depending on who is doing the observing. Couldn’t that phrase be changed to “atoms change their actions depending on the state of mind of the observer.?”

We improve on our lives simply by taking a look at it from a different point of view. But we are often resistant to even attempting to do the method of finding a way to do just that.

When someone has a life changing experience, like an accident or life threatening illness, often they are forced to look at life differently and find they want less or find their needs are different.  They choose to eat, feel and act differently as the old ways do not serve them any longer.

We don’t need to have a life threatening disease or accident or die and be brought back to life in order to have a life altering change within consciousness.

Everything is a choice in life. if you want to have the kind of life you dream of , understand there is nothing keeping it from you but the energy you are putting into motion from the thoughts in your head. Be observant of the thoughts in your head and know this is where it all begins.  Your perceptions, your judgments, your dreams, your ideas, your fears, your anxieties, anger, grievances, guilt, and so on are all either getting you closer to your dream life or keeping it from you.

Carol Sue Rios

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There has to be – A Better Way

EFT Relieves Your Pain and Stress

TapIntoMiracleslogo Can EFT be successful with problems as different as sports or physical illness, your test anxiety or carpal tunnel syndrome or your grief or back pain?

Yes it can. Because simply, EFT reduces stress.

I have come to notice that most dis-ease and illness, pain and suffering come from low frequency producing psychological problems. Research shows that the test scores of students with high anxiety are reduced fear, just as the agony of those in pain is increased by negative emotions.

It is possible that for the amount of self esteem and self worth we possess, may be in direct per portion to how well and how fast we heal physically. For instance, a patient with a broken bone is in a lot of pain. They have to deal with the fracture pain. Yet they might also have negative emotional self-talk like “How could I have done this to myself?  This person probably feels he or she deserved this injury and continues with more of a thousand other negative statements.

Research has shown that up to two-thirds of pain is emotional, and only one-third is physical. EFT can help reduce that two-thirds, resulting in a big drop in symptoms.

Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing the subjective two-thirds of each of your problems disappear, so you could deal with the one-third residue that is the real objective problem?

The same applies to performance issues as diverse as test performance, business performance, and sports performance. Anxiety reduces our available mental capacity, resulting in reduced ability.

Research shows that when you’re stressed, up to 70% of the blood drains from the frontal lobes of your brain, dramatically reducing your ability to reason and think clearly. When we tap that anxiety and stress away with EFT, our natural talents shine. If you take a look at the scientific studies of EFT for sports performance or test anxiety, you’ll find that once we remove the emotional overlay clouding our minds and compromising our brain function, our ability increases.

So while there are no guarantees, it’s worth tapping your anxiety away, whatever the issue. Once you do, you’ll find out what’s really underneath. And the problem may be much smaller than you suspect.