If the path I am on is not bringing me peace, power and joy, then it is obviously not working for me. There must be a better way. I am obviously not seeing this situation in a correct light, or I am projecting my own issues out on the world I see. Either way, I need help to change my perceptions of what I do see.

How do I do this?

First – I do not need to try and turn away from the perception, but rather step back and allow it to present itself so I can look at it objectively. Step back behind my eyes to a place where I can become an observer, detached emotionally long enough to allow for the right mindedness to appear, which can come in the form of a feeling of calm.

This calm is how the right mindedness looks at any situation. Science tells us that the observer alters the outcome simply by observing (for instance) atoms and their actions, will be altered depending on who is doing the observing. Couldn’t that phrase be changed to “atoms change their actions depending on the state of mind of the observer.?”

We improve on our lives simply by taking a look at it from a different point of view. But we are often resistant to even attempting to do the method of finding a way to do just that.

When someone has a life changing experience, like an accident or life threatening illness, often they are forced to look at life differently and find they want less or find their needs are different.  They choose to eat, feel and act differently as the old ways do not serve them any longer.

We don’t need to have a life threatening disease or accident or die and be brought back to life in order to have a life altering change within consciousness.

Everything is a choice in life. if you want to have the kind of life you dream of , understand there is nothing keeping it from you but the energy you are putting into motion from the thoughts in your head. Be observant of the thoughts in your head and know this is where it all begins.  Your perceptions, your judgments, your dreams, your ideas, your fears, your anxieties, anger, grievances, guilt, and so on are all either getting you closer to your dream life or keeping it from you.

Carol Sue Rios

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There has to be – A Better Way

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