The Power is In You and you Know it.

Time to Wake UP!
It is time to Wake up my powerful Saviors of the world. The world is waiting for you to wake up and save the day. There are a lot of things that are out of balance in our lives that we can make right and heal.  You may not know the power is in you consciously, but you are aware of it in your heart. You know there is an imbalance because it is reflected in what you see in the world. That imbalance is within us.

We must wake up fully to our powerful mind, our True mind and not allow the BS (belief systems) of our world indoctrination, subliminal and/or direct programming. We’ve had everything in the world thrown at us from negative upbringing, marketers to fear mongering politics. This has taken away our initiative in order to blind us and weaken us and use us to further more defeating destructive causes. One minute we’re pulled in one direction then to the opposite with thoughts and beliefs that seem incongruent with what we really want. That kind of energy has been tearing us apart from the beginning.

We are no longer to be used as a slaves to addictions and dumbed down and numbed down sleeping saviors, kowtowing to the shadow makers. How were we used? Through fear. The shadows of evil begin if there is such a thing, begin with fear. Never-the-less, fear saps our strength preventing us from being whom we really are. Any negative energy Steals our initiative and causes us to make wrong choices. Fear; We may have lived with it , lived as it and even caused some of it, but we were tricked into it and not in our right mind at the time.

So, you can relax in the knowledge it is time to wake up, be joyous, be happy, sing, dance, laugh a lot, be creative and bring light to all the dark places in you, around you, through you, and near you. Begin with your own life, begin where you live in order to make a new world of peace, forgiveness, love and joy. Forgive any illness, dis-ease, and vibrate with a song of joy that fills your cells with happiness and healing. No matter how corny that may sound, there is something to raising your spirits and raising up your life. There is a new energy, a new light beaming into this part of the Universe and even though the Scientists call it the photon belt, photons are particles of light that we are now made up of. You are supported now by a light and a consciousness so incredible and so deep from inside you, and that light is radiating outward to the world, so get to know it and focus on it and watch it grow.

You will cause to rise up by your awakening and healing, all those energetically connected to you, in the tens of thousands, maybe more, to the higher echelons of enlightened experience. So, it is imperative that you wake up. Without you there is no new world, no healed world nor awakened world. You are an important link in the chain. We need you. You never heal alone, that is why you are the Savior. You will take all those connected to you and save them with yourself, they in turn heal others and so on. All you have to do is wake up. I thank you in advance.


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